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tv   Today  NBC  July 29, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey everydy! it's winesday wednesday, it's july 29 and this is let's not be alone tonight by r5. one of these days i'm going to know some of these songs. >> you're so elegant! what happened. what's going on with the fish tail and the side -- >> i'm leaving the show to shoot a piece with regis. >> is it black tie? >> it's not black tie. i'm wearing something quite different. but of course we're shooting on the hottest day of the year. >> you beter take care of him.
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>> i'm concerned about him because it's going to be 96 degrees and we'll be shooting for six hours. >> you'll need fans for him. >> and i need him hydrated and i will be going crazy with this hair on my neck. >> look who's in the kitchen. >> oh, somebody who loves himself. >> his name is jay farrow. he's ready to kick off the sixth season on snl on saturday. >> he's going to teach us to play "drop the mic." >> does kanye get mad at you when you intimidate him? >> no man, he's cool, man. we're friends. >> well, we're looking down to sit next to you, farrowvor pharaoh, which is not your real name. >> it is my real name. >> we're going to start our own scandal. >> i like it, thank you, jay. >> you hang out, we'll bring
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wings because today is national wing day. chicken wing day. it's also national pizza day -- >> i thought you was just assuming i wanted wings. i was going to be like "what are you trying to say? what is going on in the mind of you? you already said my last name wasn't pharaoh when it is." >> it's also pizza day. if you were to have a wing would you want it with ranch or blue cheese. >> as a matter of fact, i don't even eat wings. i eat kale, that's what i eat. [ laughter ] >> and i bet you do pilates. >> i do pilates as well. me and jay-z. yes, what's up. >> you, by the way are crazy. >> i'm going on record. >> we want to have you and whitney cummings on at the same time. wouldn't that be fun. >> do you know whitney couplings? >> yeah, i like whitney, we like each other, yeah. [ laughter ] >> you know, she's looking for a man? >> really? hey, that's a hell of a baby right there, all i'm saying.
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>> are you taken because we could get -- >> no, i am single. >> and looking or just love being single. >> listen, man, who knows what could happen. you know you could just fall in to somebody one day and then all of a sudden 30 years have passed. you don't know. >> tell me about it. [ laughter ] listen, i'm singling, mingling, i like to rhyme when i stay stuff about being single. when you're single it's like pringles but understand you might rock shingles not rock a bell, if you're single you get no hell but if you're married you dwell -- together. [ cheers and applause ] >> what just happened there? >> that's a taste of what's coming up in a few minutes. >> i'm a poet. we gonna find out a lot. you gonna see my cooking skills too, with nothing to cook back here. >> and jill martins will dig into her shopping bag to solve your fashion emergencies. >> and before you head out to the store, we want to help you to be a smarter shopper so we'll
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tell you what products are worth the trip. >> and guess who's here? lilliana with today's luxe for less. >> oh, my gosh, wait a minute. what is this? is that the cutest? >> okay, it's the combination of two trends i didn't think i would wear. it's culottes and a jump suit. they're kind of cool, right? >> adorable. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> what are we doing today? >> today's luxe for less is viewers' choice which i love because we're letting the viewers tell me what to find for them for less. so the person on your facebook page wanted yoga pants for less. so we found all kinds of active wear under $50 because you should haven't to pay $100 for a pair of yoga pants. >> and s that outfit you're wearing affordable? >> yes, it's from it's affordable. >> thank you guys. >> so darn cute. >> would you like some inspiration? very simple ready? three words -- kindness is
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contagious. isn't it? >> can i say three words? [ laughter ] >> wait, let's get a camera on you. >> what's your three word thing. >> three word thing -- don't get married. [ laughter ] >> mere's another one -- don't smoke crack. >> yeah don't smoke crack -- and i can't think of one right now. >> all right, we here here if you come up with something. we've been telling you small changes to change your life. today is day three. everyday with we've been listing small changes. >> yesterday's tip was to be an adventurous eater. today's tip is to bolster your will power. so basically they're telling you to say no thing-to-things you don't want to do. if there's a dinner invite you feel like you're only gaited it's worth saying no. >> tell the truth, say "i'm really tired. thanks so much we'll do it another time." >> don't bing watch shows
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because you're having fo-mo. >> my sister thought it was mo-fo. >> i would haven't known it, either. >> and for more tips, go to our face page. we said it's national chicken day but this is a bad day for tom brodie -- tom brady, the wayne brady is probably having a good day but tom is not. >> look at that picture they chose on the "daily news." >> and it's hard to make him look back, but roger goodell upheld his suspension for underinflated footballs. >> the thing that grabbed the new york papers is they say tom brady destroyed his cell phone just before he was supposed to sit down with the nfl. destroyed the sim card and the cell phone. i wonder how they did it. with a hammer? what do they do with? >> maybe the same way lindsey graham did. he did everything in the world to it. >> he had 10,000 text messages
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on his personal phone there between 2014 november and march 2015. >> how do they know that if they haven't found the phone? the records from his phone company? >> yes the phone company keeps a list of text messages. they don't give you the content but they let you know what number you texted to and the time you did it. >> so i would know how many is normal for a person. he claimed that every four months he'd get a new cell phone and because he's a person who's well known he would destroy it but they found another one of his from the past. so the coverup is worse than the crime. it looks terrible is right. >> roger goodell said this: rather than simply failing to cooperate, mr. brady made a deliberate effort to conceal potentially relevant evidence and to undermine the investigation. it just -- you know, here's the thing. if you disliked tom brady you still do and if you think it was just gamesmanship and people do things when we're talking about deflategate how big was the tin
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fraction after all and you shrug your shoulders and think it wasn't a big deal, i told you what went on in my house. i've gotten a nfl football player in my house. frank loves the patriots, loves belichick and he's a giant but he loves -- and he didn't see why it was such -- i said frank, it's against the nfl rules. they're trying to uphold the integrity of the game. you start chipping away at something, all of a sudden you have a rugby game instead of the football game. it's a different thing. >> well i think they're saying he got a four-game suspension, some guys who are arrested for domestic violence get the same penalty. >> he's also the biggest face in football today and he's a role model for so many quds. that was the thing -- i don't like people -- to be disappointed to people. none of us are perfect. but it's a long way down for being the most admired adored -- it's like a bill cosby thing in the comedy world. to go from being beloved to belittled because it's something that is self- -- you brought it
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on yourself. what's that called? self-inflicted. >> but i do think there are levels of infractions. >> what do you think would have been fair? >> probably a couple games for sure. >> but we don't know the details yet either, hoda that roger knows. >> right. but i do think that if -- look, costas was on today talking about gamesmanship and he was saying there are things you do in baseball. >> it's all cheating. >> it is. but i think there are levels of it. here we don't anything about sports. [ laughter ] >> gameining unfair advantage over an opponent. that's just wrong, you know? get an even playing field and may the best team win. >> i agree. remember i'm the person playing in a basketball game -- >> look what hoda did. >> we were getting beaten so badly it was horrific. i'm dribbling down the field
10:10 am
trying to score some basket and the girl steals it from me. again i'm further humiliated. i'm laying flat on my back because she knocked me down so you what i did? i reached out, i grabbed her ankle and i pulled it. and she fell down. >> badly. >> flat. and i was -- "what, jay?" >> i have a story about football and i'm going to tell you, this is why i stopped playing, check this out, i was 5'2", i was 5'2" playing football i was one of the smallest dudes on the team. it was kickoff, we kicked to these big dudes, their name was deep creek. that was their name. they were like 14 are 15 6'17", they kick the ball to us, i'm running, i'm running i just stop, i said "this ain't gonna work." they hit me so hard my body flipped over like this and started running with that team. [ laughter ]úg
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>> well he has an option. >> but he did said that dong pick. >> that dong pick? >> oh, my gosh, take no more shots of jay. >> does that mean what i think it means? >> i'm pg-13. i'm being pg-13, you know what i'm saying. >> you what's interesting about
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this, though is he definitively just said he never, ever, ever -- >> and you better be care. because text from his phones left his phone and want to someone else's phone. >> so they exist somewhere. no! listen that was brett favre, i'm sorry, it was the wrong person. it was the wrong time period and i apologize and i'm so sorry to you. >> the next thing we're doing is about a sweet dog. >> we have to show the sweet dog video. >> we have to show this sweet dog. >> it's important. we're not sure what it is but here it is. a sweet dog video. roll this, please. oh, it's in the bed with the baby! >> is the dog going to doing? >> no just sleeping! >> you could have taken a picture of me with bambino this morning. >> but the dog's all tucked in.
10:13 am
anyway, the mom's name is kristin lee reinhart from raleigh north carolina. she'd been looking for the family dog all over and look where it was. in the bed with the baby. >> that's sweet. >> if you guys are -- if there's a milestone out there that you are reaching, whether it's a wedding that's coming up or graduation or something, turning sweet 16, about to retire let us know. we have something fun planned for you so go to and give us details on a milestone that a friend of yours or somebody is reaching because it's going to be a surprise to someone. >> okay, mr. pharaoh, will you behave yourself when we bring you out here? >> yeah i'm going to behave myself. i'm fine, i know. >> you got something to eat over there? >> a little bit of -- listen, this is a little bit of kale. but it's good. >> he calls studio ah home every night. >> but today he's making himself at home with studio
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jay pharoah has been performing standup comedy since he was 15 years old.ñ? with his hilarious impersonation landing him a coveted spot on the show everybody comedian dreams about, "saturday night live." >> she's best known for impressions of celebrities like kanye west and president obama. now he's going to bring more laughs to his sixth season on "saturday night live." >> and he has his first standup special on show time called "can i be me?" take a look. >> y'all remember when phones was getting smaller and smaller and smaller? now they're getting bigger and bigger and bigger. by 2017 people will be walking around just like this. "yo, man you get my text messages?" god got your text messages. >> how are you? >> what's up? >> are you in rare form today or is this how you are all the time? >> you mean turned up right?
10:18 am
>> yeah. >> you know, i know how to pick my spots but, you know, i had to jazz it up just a little bit because i knew i was coming on the show. >> special for us. >> do you watch the show? >> i do watch the show. >> why? >> because -- i mean, i feel like listen, me, i don't discriminate i like people of all ages and -- >> hey! >> no, wait, wait, wait. and the fact that you all are 32 years old, i love that. >> jay! what is your cutoff limit. you'd like to be with betty white, wouldn't you? >> betty white? that's not the ideal one i would pick there. >> who's your type of woman? >> i like a woman afterwards you know -- well, you know, when you're in the house and you know, i like a woman who knows how to cook and also knows how to kiss and knows how to take care of you and also can -- um -- get a discount at golden corral. that's what i like. >> there you go. all-purpose woman. >> all purpose. >> when you got the call for
10:19 am
"saturday night live" which i guess is the call all comedians dream of. how did you hear you got that job? >> lorne michaels called my phone and i missed it. >> oh my gosh! >> i think i was in the air or something heading back from california or something and then when i landed i had a voice message and they were like "call the office" and i called back and lorne answered and he said "are you ready? are you ready?" i said "am i ready?" he was like "are you ready to start a new life?" i was like "are you jesus?" he said "are you ready to come to new york?" i said "am i ready to come to new york? mom, i'm moving out." i did a back flip i couldn't even back flip but i did a back flip. but she was so happy. i always told my mom mom, i want a job where i can travel and i also want a job where i get a suit, a tie, a desk and a mouse and i didn't know how i was going to get there but i went up in the studio and i had
10:20 am
an office, a mouse and a desk but the suit i had to get myself. >> but you were making enough money to get a suit. >> it's a dream come true. you know the mother's day episode? >> did you like that? >> that was my mom. i said no, i got a lot of pain in this face. >> well, you've been in the hit in football a lot! >> and traded and gone to the other team by default. >> well you have an hbo special coming up. >> showtime. >> when is that? >> august 1, this zblard this saturday night! show us some of your techniques with the drop the mic. how do you do it? show us here. >> i want you to -- this is going to be hilarious. listen, okay, wait a minute, you do it like this, get the cameras
10:21 am
up. is the camera here. i know my worth. i'm leaving. >> is that kanye? >> no, that was me exiting a bad relationship. [ laughter ] now, what i need y'all to do, it don't have -- you can mic drop on any situation, you know what i'm saying? like if you cook collard greens and they be amazing drop the mic in the kitchen. like i'm out of here. >> like ans exclamation point. >> all right, two hats were on a hat rack, one said to the other here "you stay here, i'll go on ahead." [ laughter ] >> how was that? >> that was -- that was cool. that was -- um -- >> all right, i got one for you, ready? all right. two fish are in a tank, one turns to the other and says "you know how to drive this thing." [ laughter ] in fairness, it was a really bad
10:22 am
joke. >> those were both terrible. >> we're sorry, we have to run. >> it's great to see you. >> great to be here. >> good luck the show "can i be me?" >> premier this is saturday night on showtime. >> it's all the about the lips hoda. >> and we play a game of across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin. victoza is not for weight loss but it may help you lose some weight. victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and should not be used in people with type 1 diabetes
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10:27 am
shot near the stables area. no word on the victim's condition. the identity of the suspect or a motive for the shooting. we'll have much more information during a live report coming up at 11:00 a.m. turning to the weather, we issued a first alert weather day for the extreme heat we're seeing across the region. let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> hazy sunshine and temperatures are quickly moving up. spotting the first 90 of the day so far. hazy sunshine over adventure aquarium across the delaware. currently at philadelphia international, it's 84. look at northeast philadelphia at 89 degrees. while it's 85 in roxborough along the delaware river, 98 degrees. do your best to stay cool. there's a slight chance of a few isolated showers this afternoon. down to 90 degrees by 6:00 this evening. because of the heat today, the philadelphia corporation of aging has activated its heat
10:28 am
line. you can call 215-765-9040 between noon and midnight today for advice on how to avoid heat stress. and the staff will refer you to emergency services if necessary. to stay on top of the steamy forecast and get alerts be sure to download the free "nbc10 news" app for smartphones and tablets. i'm chris cato. we'll have a full hour of news coming up at 11:00 a.m. more on that shooting at the racetrack in wilmington. for now, we go back to the "today" show. have a great wednesday.
10:29 am
iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
10:30 am
it's winesday wednesday. we're ready to play our weekly trivia game called "who knew." it's national lipstick game so get ready to answer some questions. kathie lee is across the street ready to hand a hundred bucks out to anybody who gets the questions right. to those who don't they get one of her wonderful autographed eded cds. here to help me out is bahar. which of these lipsticks is kathie lee's favorite. myth by mac, fatale by loreal or revlon? >> the answer is myth by mac. now as a lot of us here know, kathie lee loves a nude lip and
10:31 am
this is a great nude color because it has a satin finish, it's light and very neutral. >> look at her! by the way kat one of the things we get asked the most, other than your nail polish is your lipstick. >> that's right. that's right. i don't know why but who really cares? this lady is from pittsfield, massachusetts, right? here's yours. which star known for her red lips is getting a line of mac makeup named after her -- oh in n 2016, is it selena, lucille ball or elizabeth taylor? >> selena? [ bell ringing ] >> i think that's right. [ cheers and applause ] >> selena's getting a line? >> here's what happened, selena fans are hard core. they petitioned eded mac for a cosmetic line and mac listened. in 2016 you'll see this all over the place. what's great is that according to selena's sister, it was one of selena's dreams to have a makeup line of her own. >> nice to know she's got such
10:32 am
loyal fans. kathie lee, over to you. >> handsome guy from chicago. which of these sodas has not been made into a lip snackers flavor. dr. pepper, fan a orange or mountain dew. >> what do you think? >> b, phantom orange? [ buzzer sounding ] no. oh, you're going to love. this is the hippest cd in the world you're going to love it. [ applause ] >> the correct answer -- by the way, i love lip smackers. mountain dew. >> people are obsessed with mountain dew. bonnie bell used to make lip smackers. the company got sold so people started freaking out because they thought they couldn't find lip smackers in the u.s. the good news is now you can still get lip smackers. they have more than 300 flavors. everything from birthday cake to pink lemonade. they taste amazing. >> kath to you. >> from right here in new york. which 1988 music video was notable for featuring backup dancing sporting bold rep
10:33 am
lipstick. you already know it? bad medicine, bon jovi, simply irresistible robert palmer or desire, u2. >> b. [ bell ringing ] ♪ simply irresistible ♪ >> she's got her red lips on, too. that's a great video, right? >> this is iconic, they won a grammy for it. you remember these there's supermodels wearing iconic red lips and this helped catapult him into icon status. >> great video and great song. kathie lee, over to you. >> from tuscaloosa, alabama. cosmetic company butter london sells matching colors of lip products and nail polishes. which of these is not one of its shades. oh, shoot! wow! we giffordss still got it. is it tramp stamp -- [ laughter ] i guess that's funny. come to bed red or size matters. oh my goodness. [ laughter ] which one is it, mommy. >> oh boy.
10:34 am
i don't think my plus one is going to know the took place this, either. hmm -- >> i'd say size matters. [ laughter ] [ bell ringing ] >> and he'd be right! >> he is right. these people are good. i'm wearing the come to bed red myself. it's a very sexy sultry red color. but butter london is knownjta@÷ for cheeky sexy names and they have tons of different shades. >> bahar thanks so much. kathie lee is going to come back across the street in just a minute. for more lipsticks, check out be haar's favorite lip brands on smart shoppers, take note, we have a guide for those big box stores. and then never have a broken zipper again. oh no, we have a dress code here, and it's not see through. next! whoa, this is a lunchbox not a halloween bag. so sorry - this lunchbox is already at capacity. rrrrr...a natural beauty. you're making me melt. shall we?
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>> that's genius in the shower. >> you could do in the a bathtub, too. >> it's like sole mate for your foot service. >> whatever she says. if she said it it meant something. >> now i've a been walking around all morning looking ridiculous. i'm wearing strawberries and these so popular, i saw them in a magazine, i had to wait to put them on. i'm going to tell everybody while they're getting soap off. is it better? be careful because it's slippery. [ laughter ] told you! >> don't scare me i'll be doing that with regis all day today. >> so the strawberry rollers. you put them in your hair at night like you used to in the old days or you can put them in dry. >> like a spooly. >> look you get ring lets. >> oh, my gosh! >> i'm pulling my hair of the anyway you see and then you just pull them out.
10:41 am
they're good. >> you put them in damp? >> if you put them in damp overnight and sleep with it you get ring lets. >> and teenage girls will go crazy for that. >> and somebody today said they're going to use them adds a stocking suffer. >> now, if you're a germaphobe like me, you take this out of your bag and it has built in shelves. >> hoda would never -- >> but why? so you went to the bahamas and you're carrying this in the airport then you get to your location and this fits -- i'm not allowed to lift right now but this fits in this and you hang it up flight the closet. >> i love it. love it. love it. >> hoda would like that. >> yes, i would like that. >> $79. this is splurge but it's also luggage. this is fix and zip. i love this because let's say -- you mow the situation where you have -- >> you can get off jack?
10:42 am
yes, the teeth are missing. so this is all sizes right here. you put it right on here, takes a second and i don't have time but then it's a zipper. it fixes it. >> wait, wait wait. >> so you take this -- what happened to the other zipper. >> the zipper fell off. your emergency is the zipper falls off, you're going out and you put that on -- >> the little thing that pulls. not the teeth. >> no, not the teeth. this is a diy. this is the oil from baby oil. we all have jewelry that is a disaster. tangled up. you put a little oil on and you can use the back of an earring or safety pin and it helps to separate it. >> that's a good idea. baby oil. >> i love the smell of baby oil. >> i do. >> look, hoda did it like that. wow! >> that was like my set. but we most of just very tangled jewelry. you're trapped in your car, this
10:43 am
is a fashionable way of having an alarm on you. you press it, it has an l.e.d. light if you're walking in the park super early and if you're trapped in the car you bang it against the window and it cracks it. >> and lastly, you go running in the winter, you don't want a sweaty neck and you want to save your ponytail. it's a head band with a hole in it so that you can save your pony and it doesn't get on your neck. >> you find the best stuff. >> awesome. >> there's also one with headlights so if you're running at night someone can see you. >> or you're working in a mine. [ laughter ] thank you, sweetie. >> coming up, lilliana's luxe for less. >> and we'll stroll the aisles of the warehouse stores. >> we'll play a game of big box bargains after this. you get used to the lingering odors in your bathroom you think it smells fine but your guests smell this... febreze air effects heavy duty has up to two times the odor-eliminating power to remove bathroom odors you've gone
10:44 am
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10:46 am
when the day arrives a little earlier and lingers a little later you can be sure it's summer. and for this bounty, so little is expected in return. only that we find ways big and small, to milk every last second of it. to use a little imagination and make a whole lot of memories. low prices. every day. on everything you need to get away from it all. walmart.
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10:48 am
have you ever shopped at a big box warehouse store? you know how tempting it is to
10:49 am
buy everything. >> but ask yourself this question -- is that jumbo jug of wine really a bargain? >> probably. there are definitely better deals than others depending on your situation. so reader's digest looked at the topic and the editor-in-chief is here with the products to buy and the one to consider carefully. liz, how are you? how do you pronounce your name? >> vacarrelo. we're going to play a game. what to buy when you're at the warehouse. >> i have a family of four she is single. >> serving size, yes. >> so wine and liquor. >> should you buy it in bulk? >> should you buy it at the warehouse store? >> i would say bye it. >> you're right. many vineyards have deals with warehouse stores. you get up to 30% off and you can even buy a white-label
10:50 am
spirit for up to 40% off. >> wow. >> yeah, good deal. so after you partake in we have over-the-counter medication. >> now you don't care. meds? >> just the over-the-counter meds. >> i would say consider. >> i think they expire and who's going to have them forever? >> well, you can check on that. >> hoda's right. >> but then you buy them if they're still good. >> but if you buy them in bulk -- >> so soon, you mean? >> you won't go through the whole big canister. >> but aspirin lasts a long time. >> well, it depends on your prescription. >> that's what i said, liz. >> don't yell at me. >> prescription drugs? >> i would say -- i don't think i'd like prescription drugs from a warehouse. >> this is an interesting one. what's your vote? buy or consider? >> buy. >> you're going to buy. "consumer reports" did a study and found a 450% difference between the highest-price stores and the lowest-priced stores, particularly if you go generic. and the good news is, you don't need a membership to go to the
10:51 am
farm any a warehouse store. >> that's great to know. >> cleaning supplies. >> definitely buy big. >> well, here we're going to consider, i'm sorry, because these after six months to a year they really lose their effectiveness unless you have a really big house. >> a lot of people. >> or a lot of dirt. >> you might do better off to get a better -- smaller package. >> this is for the duggars. >> these are paper products. are you going to buy? >> i'm going say buy if you have a place to store it. >> i live in -- my apartment won't take these so i would consider. >> it well, storage is one thing but we'll say consider this because at supermarkets these things tend to be on sale all the time if you pair it with a manufacturer's coupon you can save much more money at the supermarket. >> well, now you're introducing coupons and stuff which was never at the very beginning of this. >> all right, serial. bye or buy or consider? >> in my family, it's a buy. >> this is a buy, particularly
10:52 am
these big boxes have the two bags in them. you can save up to 60%, almost every brand is at the white house store. meat. >> yes, it's meat. >> i would say bye it. >> i looked at lillianna, i'm changing my mind. >> we'll consider supermarkets have stuff on sale all the time and you can get better portion sizes. >> and lastly -- >> we can't forget bambino and dog food. >> oh, buy. >> yeah, definitely buy if it's the brand you like because you save up to 60%. >> liz thank you very much. >> you're so smart. >> who won? >> i did. >> it's tied 6-6. >> what did we win, liz? >>ú" get to take the wine home! >> hoda can have that. i don't drink other stuff. laugh lilliana will find luxe for less athletic wear. >> was she a sport or did she come up snort. >> you'll find out. first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
starting with this great stop and sports bra available at under $20 on each piece. >> look at the open air for ventilation. >> and then these pants are also under 40 bucks and they look really good on. if you're into running and you want to do running shorts, running shorts are expensive as well. >> i used to love these. >> they're so light. really cute. these are from jillian michael's collection from kmart. both pieces under $25 here. this is one of my favorite looks for the gym right now, kind of that like sporty edgy look. so you do the muscle t-shirt here and show the sports bra out
10:57 am
of the side to give the look. >> boobs. >> that's what's showing. >> this is also from jillian michaels, all affordable under $50. and how cute is this? this is from kate hudson's line called i love that you can do a mesh tee like this. you can tie it up on the side or wear it loose and open. it's about mixing the prints when it comes to workout wear and then you're probably wondering what does this have to do with anything? when you go to the gym and your clothes are sweaty and gross you need to put them in a wet/dry bag. >> hoda puts them a ziploc. >> you're taking one of these home for you. these from aloha they're wet/dry bags. >> the wet bathing suit at the pool, too. thank you lilliana, we knew you could do it. >> she always does. thanks to our facebook fan susan harold. guess what? we'll send you one of these outfits. aren't we cool? >> thanks so much!
10:58 am
tomorrow a performance by natalie imbruglia. >> plus the queen iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites
10:59 am
can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
11:00 am
a shooting in an unlikely place. the delaware park race wheyway in new castle county. nbc10's tim furlong is live on the scene. you found out police have arrested a suspect within the past hour, right? >> reporter: that's right, chris. we were the first ones here on the scene. when we got here we weren't exactly brought to the shooting scene itself, which is actually in the stable area at delaware park way beyond those treeses behind our tv trucks. that's where the shooting actually happened. we're trying to gather details at this point with state police. we understand the person shot was taken to christiana hospital. when we showed up here we


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